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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Succesful Immigration: Make A Business Plan

Last week, I had an opportunity to listen to a well-known business executive who leads a venture capital company. In the post-dotcom era, both individual and institutional investors have become much more careful. As a result, venture capital companies are now much more selective; it is no longer a sparkling idea that succeeds, but a comprehensive and real business plan that will survive the scrutiny of investors.

It was his emphasis on planning, research, and honesty with realistic goals that made me think immigration is just like the planning and embarking on a new venture.

1. Research

I often get inquiries from aspiring immigrants if our firm can suggest a good business, set it up in their best interest, and guarantee its success. It is revealing and very unfortunate when a prospective client wishes our firm and wants me to play the role of life counselor and business advisor; what I really feel is that these individuals and their families are not ready to immigrate at all. They have not done their homework yet, i.e., create in their own mind a successful and researched roadmap. In fact, more often than not, such people have not even thought anything through.

To borrow an overused phrase, “life is like a marathon.” One runs the course oneself. I hope that everyone who wishes to immigrate understands immigration is a procedural step towards a clear goal in life. One should not even approach the issue of immigration until a plan for life in the U.S. is clearly set out; only then can the immigration process truly begin, be itself planned and strategized, and eventually be successful. after immigration has been thought out.

The real goal behind immigration could be running a successful business, family-oriented life style, higher education and/or better employment, etc. In this regard, the plan for immigration invariably involves figuring out how one will support oneself and family members. Whether it is a branch office for the Korean operation or a local dry cleaners or finding a dream job, thorough preparation is key to success.

Obviously, help and advice from professionals, family members, friends, headhunters, etc. are extremely useful. However, there is a fine line between knowing when to use these resources and how to use such help and lazy complacency and/or reliance on others (as a substitute for personal responsibility. Again, there is a fine line between diligent research, meticulous self-study, and stubborn failure to utilize appropriate professional help. There is also simply blind faith.

As stated, research of how you might work out your plans and increase the probably of success once you immigrate is key. Only you can do this. If one fails, one should not blame others.

2. Honesty with oneself

Once preliminary research has been completed about why one is emigrating, one should start outlining a detailed roadmap, almost a business plan. At this time, honesty with oneself will help the roadmap to become realistic. The plan should not be based on overly optimistic estimation or reliance on factors beyond one’s control. After an honest evaluation, if the plan does not seem realistic, it should be reconsidered.

3. Guts to take the risk

Even with thorough research and honest evaluation and the right preparation, some unknowns and risks will still exist. However, such preparation will significantly reduce risks. It takes guts to make a decision, and a decision should be made when it feels comfortable. One danger about perfectionism is paralysis out of fear for failure. That is another trap to be avoided.

In conclusion, I’ve always advised my clients to think before they jump start the immigration process. My honest and sincere advice has been that immigration is a platform on which one folds one’s life plan. Obviously, one should have a rock solid platform, however, without a clear idea of what to build on the platform, it will remain useless. As an immigration lawyer and a member of the community, my interest exceeds getting my clients simple greencards or a visa; I hope to see that hard work and investment in one’s business plan indeed has sowed a seed which will bloom beautifully.

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