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Monday, July 16, 2007

My Take On Immigration And USCIS
As the ‘Immigration Doctor’, I am asked to speculate about immigration issues, comprehensive immigration reform (and whether I think it will ever happen), and just give my opinion on the current state of affairs.

First off, no, there is not likely to be the kind of reform that those here illegally, or even legally, want or expect. And, yes, the system is completely and unequivocally broken. It has been now for close to 10 years.

People don’t realize that the USCIS, formerly INS, is cashed strapped. Congress doesn’t give USCIS any monies or funding, per se, and it is the one bureaucracy that deals exclusively with non-citizens (so it has ‘last priority’). Of course, what is ironic is that now that we are in a “War on Terror” and the Immigration Service (now called CIS) ostensibly comes under the Department of Homeland Security, one would think that it would have a strong priority for our Government. But it doesn’t.

This fact has been used by the “right wing”, and even the “left” to slam the current Administration’s efforts to pass comprehensive reform as Amnesty for those that have broken our laws and, of course, and allow in “potential terrorists” that will be truly legalized and infiltrate our country even further and do us harm.

There is some truth to these assertions, and I am certainly not against real enforcement and border security. But damning and confusing those who are attracted here by jobs, who other than breaking ‘status’ laws, or entered illegally - but otherwise have obeyed themselves, with terrorists, is crazy (and is causing us to lose focus).

The job of Homeland Security, and other Security Agencies, including the CIA/FBI, etc, is to truly protect our nation, and to watch for, and kill/arrest/deport terrorists, and those that would harm us; to say the least, it is serious business (and none of the above should not be mixed together).

OK, enough said for now; more on this tomorrow.


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