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Thursday, January 24, 2008


I am a member of the business networking site Linkedin (; I now have almost 1200 'connections' and am very gratified that so many people willingly link to me and want to be in my network.

Today I posted a Question on Linkedin about the H1b lottery coming up in April. I was astonished that almost immediately I received several comments attacking me for helping foreigners take away American's jobs.

Below is my response to one such email:


Hi John,

I’m interested in your views. Call me. (THIS WAS MEANT TO CALM THE GUY DOWN...)

For your information, the clients and companies that I deal with – no, I do not represent the Indian type recruiting companies, cannot find the skill sets and senior people they need, and as a last resort may turn to an H-1b type employee (but I assure you it is not their first choice). No company in their right mind would do so. However, within my clients, the wages paid at least here in Silicon Valley are generally $90k - $120k for this type of talent pool of software type engineers (higher if they come from an Agency).

I have two very good friends, one from UC, an American, and a Scientist at NASA, the other his girlfriend, also American, who works at SRI, a MIT PhD and Stanford grad too, both of whom rail against the unfair competition of the evil foreigners taking jobs away from American citizens. I believe that attitude is more reflective of personal fears for their own job security in bad economic times than any reality of ‘abuse’ often alleged.

If a company is willing to pay the ‘prevailing wage’, don’t you think they should be able to hire whomever they choose (and for a variety of reasons)? Should the government force them to hire American? Do we want a government official to decide that the American offered is ‘sufficiently’ qualified, thereby forcing the U.S. employer to hire someone they choose not to? On its face, that scenario is absurd and contrary to a market based, private sector, economic system (unless I’m mistaken).

Generally, I don’t like the Government involved in my affairs (personal or otherwise). And I am not a Republican!



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