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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

National Interest Waivers: The Untold Story!

Heller Immigration Law Group, LLP (, and our staff, are extremely adept and highly successful at expeditiously putting together and then filing EB2/NIW cases for advanced degreed professionals, or those who possess exceptional abilitiy in the sciences, arts, or business.

There is some confusion about eligibility under this category, and this is the reason for the blog, here it is:

1/ Contrary to what is often said, an applicant does not need international fame, or renown; we have many I-140 approvals of individuals whose recognition is limited to their own home country; that is, it is perfectly OK and acceptable that one's fame does not extend beyond one's own border!

Of course, HILG - on behalf of the client - must still convince the USCIS that giving such an individual a green card will benefit the United States and will truly be in the U.S. "National Interest".

2/ Letters of reference and advisory opinions that we receive (and often redraft) attesting to the applicant's exceptional ability do not need to come from U.S. sources at all. Each and every one can be from individuals or entities that are within the applicants own country - and even written in one's own language!

As stated, HILG can file these NIW cases for those that are presently here in the United States, and except for Indian and Chinese citizens (who have a backlog in the EB2 category), we may proceed directly to filing an adjustment of status of the principal and all dependent family members through concurrent filing procedures.

The entire family will be eligible for work authorization and be given authority to travel abroad (EAD and AP).


If the individual is outside of the United States, please notify us and we will ask you for certain documentation, including completing a Questionnaire, and sending us a CV/Resume. Once we establish eligibility, HILG will immediately send out an Engagement Package. We will then put together the case with your help, and then directly file the I-140 (NIW) petition with the USCIS.

After the Approval is received, the case will proceed to Visa Processing at the appropriate U.S. Consulate - and soon thereafter the obtaining of immigrant visas for the entire family.

It should be noted that these cases will almost always be filed with the USCIS under self-petition rules and there is no need for an immediate job offer (often a stumbling block for those living abroad with very little contact with the United States).

Even the lack of English skills is not a stumbling block. However, we caution our many NIW clients who we self-petition from abroad that within a reasonable time after entering with their green card, the individual should expect to and truly seek employment in one's specialized field.

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