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Thursday, May 8, 2008

America in Trouble: Immigrant Saviors...

Dear Readers,

I felt this needed to be said, so I am saying it. Immigrants, come one, come all!

America (meaning the United States - no offense South America) is in trouble, big time. This did not happen yesterday, and it has been a long time coming. Holes this deep don't get dug overnight. There are many reasons, including 'globalization', developing countries... developing; China and India.. growing, OPEC - sticking it to us. The world is just changing, all around us and rapidly.

But this blogger thinks we wouldn't be in the mess, and can get out of it, if we had an immigration policy that made sense - instead we have had years now, unrelenting years, of anti-immigrant scapegoating. A refusal to "let go". A society, a government, a population that refuses to see what should be obvious, that dismisses our past reliance on new immigrants, that does not understand that we must "every so often" refresh, and, in computer terms - 'restart' our sytem, should be held at least partly responsible for the mess we are in.

As many insiders know, and most if they are not should be aware, that we've shut for the most part shut down U.S. immigration - and, to our detriment, the world, our competitors, and, most importantly, to those stuck in this lousy immigration system, know it. They can be the saviors, but we won't let them.

I am not just speaking about illegal entrants or those waiting for some type of amnesty. Yes, our economy needs even these people to become part of the system, to help us energize, pay taxes, become part of the new fabric that we will no doubt create. But just as importantly we need to send a clear message to those here (waiting to get through the legal immigration gate), and to those outside the country, that we also need the highly skilled, the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and other builders of a society, to come, and recognize that the delays in our system for those going through it can be disheartening, and energy zapping, and for those wishing and willing to come - an impossible dream.

America, wake up! Closing our borders is not good for our economic well-being.

The future will involve teamwork, and we will certainly need 'all' of our people, including new immigrants, to become excited about America and its promise. We need immigrants and U.S. citizens alike to feel confident the future is bright and then together we can move American forward. This "promise of America" will not happen, I feel, until we 'refresh' - and that means allowing comprehensive immigration reform and bringing in those that will do the hard work, that will help us innovate, energize, and bring new entrepreneurial spirit to America; just like immigrants from generations past.

Right now everyone is stunned, and we as a society in a holding pattern, waiting for the worst, and it is very bad for America. We need to wake up.

Push the button America and watch the computer boot up! Release the energy that is just waiting for its time. Go ahead, push the button.

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