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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Arizona Law: A Solution

Every American understands that illegal immigration is a country-wide problem seeking a national solution. Arizona, we all know, is frustrated that the Federal government is doing little to stem the flow of these individuals - and they are not picking up the tab.

On reflection, it is clear to me that Arizona’s law is a clever gambit to get Congress to do something. If actually implemented, forget about forthcoming lawsuits and litigation, neither Arizona nor Federal ICE officials (the enforcement arm of the USCIS) are truly prepared to do anything. It would overwhelm both systems.

The solution: If an officer stops an individual for a speeding ticket, determines the person pulled over has no papers, or a false ID or driver’s license, for example, they simply take them to the police station, fingerprint them, have them complete a simple form, and send them official Arizona ID card or Driver’s license.

Of course, they must still show up or paying their speeding ticket, get insurance for their car, get a Federal Tax ID (anyone can do so now), but they don’t have to worry about being deported. They can become a productive member of the Arizona population. Of course, they must, as all residents must, renew their ‘papers’ (and if they don’t show up, the authorities will have a much easier time tracking them down).

One last word: Either the Federal government or the Arizona authorities must truly shut down the border or this will certainly attract a new flow – but at least no one has to wait for Comprehensive Immigration reform (which in the only real solution).

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