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Friday, October 31, 2008

An Obama Win: The Immigration Factor

Dear Readers,

Let's talk about what's next, after the Presidential Election.

It's likely that Obama will win, for sure, but how will he approach immigration - and what's likely to happen?

Obama has stated that he is for 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform". This is a political statement, which has no bearing on reality.

McCain, for example, is also for CIR, but he wants to shut the borders down first. Again, a purely political pronouncement, directed to his 'right wing' (as was his VP choice).

Now let's get down to the truth: In difficult economic times, 'Joe' public usually falls for anti-immigration rhetoric and demagoguery.

Politicians almost always vote their constituency, meaning that they vote in a way to assure their continued reelection. Immigrants, by their nature, and status, do not vote as they are not U.S. citizens. Period.

You'd hope though, given that Obama is smart, thinks in terms of foresight, future generations and the like, that he'd consider as President elect (once elected, mind you), a sensible immigration policy.

I think he will. And although I don't expect a push for Comprehensive Reform, I do see some interest in eliminating crazy backlogs, enticing "the best and the brightest" to stay in this country, and if not here, to come here, .... to allow entrepreneurs, employers, and startups to seek the talented pool of foreign nationals that will help us build the "new economy".

I even see the promise of Obama at some point in his administration's first term leading the way towards 'documenting, the undocumented' in a fair and humane way and without a so-called 'amnesty', which would finally allow millions of otherwise law abiding residents to come out of the shadows - without shame or fear.

But true 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform', as proposed? Forget about it. A pipedream. Not in the cards for a variety of reasons.

Congress won't have time to tackle the issue, and I don't believe even look at it seriously, for years to come. Our representatives will no doubt be struggling with putting policies in place that will help to revive this country and get it working again.

Many of Obama's other issues will have to fall by the wayside as well.

Will increased immigration help this country - you bet! Will there be useful legislation on the immigration front? Let’s wait and see, but I’d bet yes.

Immigrants are just too important. Let's cross our fingers and hope that our leaders, and our President, see it the same way.

Thank you.

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