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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Most Recent Immigration Thoughts...

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It is clear that at least on the immigration front that the hopeful thoughts we all had with coming of the Obama administration haven't materialized. Immigration has become even more isolated and untouchable by a nation whose entire focus now is trying to figure out how to move forward and why we are here. Our leaders do not want to be distracted and the public at large, mad as they are, wants someone to do something. Immigration is on the back and last burner.

Of course, it shouldn't be.

One way 'out', historically, has been to revitalize the country with new immigrants, fresh blood. But the mood of the country is still in a shock mode (with the economy the way it is). I see many intending immigrants struggling with the question whether to stay with a process that is so protracted and broken that it is hard to find meaning in its continuation. Many are now asking themselves why are they here, and should they abandon their dreams and return to their home country?

One wonders why anyone who can leave (this mess) and go home actually stays? Their reasoning, the decision to stay, is the point. These intending immigrants see things that many of us don't. They see opportunity. They want to be part of the fabric of America and truly believe they will be America's future. They may see a challenging environment but they see so much more that is positive and worthwhile.

These same individuals, whether the hardworking 'unskilled', the skilled workers, or the "best and brightest", each and every one, want to help our country. The want no more than to be part of us - and if they need to motivate us, to help us move mountains, to do more than their fair share to get us moving again... they will.

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