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Monday, March 30, 2009

H1b 2009 Lottery: A Status Update

Dear Readers,

Here's the latest on the H1b 2009 Lottery:

USCIS has now confirmed that if they receive a sufficient number of H1B cap cases during the first five business days of April to reach the cap, the "lottery" will be based on petitions received all five days.

This allows us to accommodate more last minute H1B requests from clients (cases received on 4/7 will have the same priority status as cases received on 4/1), but please file the cases that are ready to go tomorrow, on 3/31, as originally planned.

Note: USCIS will not begin to issue receipts, until a determination is made that sufficient H-1B petitions have been received within the first five business days of April, ending April 7, 2009. After the "lottery" is conducted, the USCIS will then issue receipts for those cases which are selected, and the receipts will likely all have the same receipt date, April 8, 2009.

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